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    The perfect aperitif

    When they say aperitivo, all I can think of is summer time.
    The warm breeze, the sunset, the good company, a bottle of wine...we got all the elements for the perfect aperitif you would say, but something is missing!

    - Ice is essential

    Not inside the wine, of course, but just to keep the bottle cool!
    During the summer, if you set up open air aperitifs, it's easy to go from an iced wine to a cooked wine.
    And if the fridge is far away from you, the solution is ice, lots of wine! Get a glacette and make sure the ice keeps going. The wrong serving temperature could make your best wine go from top to flop in one second...Generally, during the summer we suggest to serve the wine for the aperitif (sparkling or white still) at 4°-5° C. Don't worry, by the time it will enter the glass it will be warmed up enough.

    - Use your spaces wisely

    During the summer nights, it’s good to enjoy the nice breeze. Let’s give them all a seat but let them free to choose where! Some would prefer to stand, some sitting at the table, some on the couch…and some would just love to relax laying on the grass. Make sure to place some cushions around and give live to a green salon.

    - Finger food, mon amour

    Finger food is the thing if you don’t have much time or skills. Your guests will not even need a fork because hands or a toothpick will be enough. Finger food recipes are unlimited, check out our yummy recipe here!

    - Not only wine

    Even though Verona is more known for wine than water, you should always offer some to your guests.
    Be the perfect host and make a non-alcoholic cocktail for the friends who don’t drink alcohol at all…do you have any?? :-)
    Looking for the perfect aperitif wine? Here some suggestions!

    - Dj put that record on

    Unforgettable moments have their own soundtrack. Spice your aperitifs on with some not too loud music!







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