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    How to choose the right glass?

    Dear wine lovers,
    today we are going to talk about the wine glasses.
    As you probably know, each wine should be served in the appropriate kind of glass.
    But obviously, in order to respect the most meticulous serving rules, we should all have a glass collection of any kind and shape.
    So here you are the most common glasses that suits each kind of wine.
    The choice of the glass is important because the right shape enhances the different characteristics of the wine.

    General rules:

    - Coloured glasses are banished: the first step of tasting comes from the sight, and this is why the crystal clarity is necessary. Its brightness enhances the wine colour and its shades.

    - Tasting glasses must have a stem: keeping the glass in contact with the hand would change the wine temperature.

    - Pour, but not too much: do not fill the glass more than one third, so you will have all the space to swirl the wine, without staining all around.

    The glass kind varies on the wine: sparkling, white, red, sweet...but we can also distinguish between young and vintage white and red wines, and so on.

    Here you are some advices in order not to choose the wrong shape of glass.

    - A wine glass that gets tighter on the top, allows a better concentration of the perfumes in white wines.
    - Big round glasses make it easier to swirl the wine and help to oxigenate it, giving breath to the wine and releasing the best fragrances of well bodied reds.
    - Sweet wine is best served in smaller glasses, that get tighter on the top, in order to preserve its aromas.
    - Sparkling wines used to be served in flute glasses. During the last years though, despite their iconic shape, flute glasses are falling into disuse. This kind of glass is perfect in order to appreciate the development and the refinement of the perlage , but it does not let the wine express the aromas at their best. Lately, glasses made for still white wines are more often used.
    And what about the symbolic Champagne coupe? Well, this kind of glass (appropriate for sweet and very aromatic sparkling wines) after making history fell into disuse.

    And now, choose your glass and toast using the right one!




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