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    Wine serving temperatures

    Summer is the time of the year when you really realize that wine has to be served at the right temperature...heat does not leave that much space to negotiations, and putting in the fridge a bottle of white wine half an hour before drinking it is not the best idea.
    Every wine has a right temperature that allows it to express its own perfumes and flavours, that would be too influenced by the cold or the heat.
    Here you are some important advices on how to serve wine at its best temperature :-)
    The right temperature for sparkling wines, as our Brut "Perla" or "Giada" is 4-6°C.
    For young wines, like our Pinot Grigio, Soave Classico and Soave Classico "Campolungo", the temperature must be between 6-8°C. Our "Le Brume" is best served at 10-12°C.
    Our sweet wine, Recioto di Soave "Ambra", gives its best at 12-14°C.
    The right temperature for red wines goes from14°C to 18°C. Young and fresh red wines, with light tannins, can be served chilly. For example, the best way of serving a Valpolicella Superiore as a summer aperitif is at 14°C: don't forget that once you take it out of the fridge, if it is hot outside, the temperature is going up very fast. Most of the red wines, expecially the important and structured ones, as Valpolicella Ripasso or Amarone della Valpolicella, give their best when the temperature is around 16°-18°C. At this temperature, you can appreciate the softness of the tannins and their good structure, giving breathe to all the scents and perfumes of the wines.
    Rosè wines are perfect served well cold.
    So always pay attention not to serve wine too cold or too hot: the room temperature that is always recommended is not always the right choice: depending on the weather, the room temperature could be too high or too low for the wine!

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