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    The wine alphabet - A like...

    A like…

    Acidità (Acidity): it is an important element in wine and, if it's presence is well balanced, it contributes to give freshness to the wine. How to recognize it? It makes your mouth water because your body tries to balance its pH, altered by the acidity. Also, acidity is very useful in order to clean the fat off your palate.

    Affinamento (Refinement): it is the final step of wine making, that helps the wine to mature. It usually takes place in the bottle, in wood barrels or steel tanks. The refinement gives the wine more harmony and complexity.

    Appassimento (Grapes drying): it is a common and ancient practice to dehidrate the grapes, losing about half of the water content, that leads to a high concentration of the sugars and the evolution of polyphenols and aromas. che porta all’aumento della concentrazione zuccherina ed all’evoluzione di polifenoli e aromi. Drying process is a typical for the production of Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto.

    Archetti (Wine legs): also known as wine tears, it is a phenomenon caused by fluid surface tension. Where the surface of the wine meets the side of the glass, the reaction makes the liquid climb the side of the glass. The slower the tears will fall,the higher the alcohol or the sugar content.

    Avvinare (To prime): to cleanse a decanter or a wine glass from odors and unrelated flavours. Pour a sip of wine, swirl it through the glass surface and discard it. Your glass is now ready for the wine tasting!



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