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    5 good reasons to give someone a bottle of wine

    Here you are 5 excellent reasons why a bottle of good wine is the best gift you could give on Christmas!

    1. You will make a good impression
    Wine is the right choice to make a good impression and the statistics confirm that wine is one of the most appreciated gifts, not only on Christmas.
    Just an advice: when you get a wine, make everything more special and try to get some informations on the wine, the food matching and winemakers...small things make the difference!

    2. Say no to cliché gifts
    How many presents did you receive and forgot them locked somewhere in a closet? Well, that does not happen with wine. There are always occasions to open a good bottle of wine.

    3. Wine fits all budgets
    According to how much you want to spend, you will find a wine that fits your pocket!
    Starting from 10/20€ you can find good quality Doc or Docg wines. With an higher budget, you can afford more important wines, like Amarone della Valpolicella.

    4. Wine is the guest of honour
    It is not Christmas without traditional feasts with family and friends...we will think about the diet after the holidays :-)

    5. Wine is the symbol of sharing
    Here we say that only thieves and spies do not drink in good company. Well, we are sure that a toast and sharing a wine is one of the best moments!


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