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Wine bottling

Bottling is the last phase of the wine making process and these are for us wine-makers very busy days.
Actually, this is the last phase of wine making but it also represents the beginning of a new one with the evolution and development of the bottled wine.
Our winery relies on an external partner for the bottling process. They reach our winery with a mobile bottling truck and, under our supervision, the bottle our wines.
Our partners help us to reduce the stress of errors from bottling. They are only specialized in bottling and trucks come complete with a small crew of operators. Purchasing a bottling line is really high investment and take up critical space inside the winery. Also, their know how is much more sensitive to any issue going on with machines and bottling itself. There are separate machines for each task, so a lot of moving parts.
It is essential that the entire bottling process  respects the product characteristics and guarantees the preservation and stability of the wine for years.

Let’s see how this bottling process works!

Bottle Clean: The first step is to wash with sterilized and microfiltered water the bottles which are dried out with an air shot.
Vacuum and sparge: The a 99.8% of nitrogen is added to the bottle. This process protects the wine and ensure its quality and purity.

Filling: the wine is pumped out of our wine tanks and each bottle is filled with the designed quantity of wine, thanks to small valves.

Corking: in this phase a new small quantity of nitrogen fills the bottle, in the small empty space left from wine on the top of the bottle. The nitrogen will avoid any oxidation process due to the oxygen. When the bottle is corked, an air shot will eliminate any residual presence of the cork dust.

Capping and labelling: we take care of this very last step. We apply poly-laminate capsules and label the bottles with extreme care.

The wine bottles are now ready to reach your home!

Check out the bottling video here

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